SRO GALLERY is an artist exhibition space in Brooklyn, New York. We have known Channah for many years and welcomed her skills and enthusiasm as an interior designer for the 2017 installation of, "Through the Light of the Stars, My Ancestors Gaze at Me," a body of work by her partner, Sahand Tabatabai. Channah took great care in considering not only the proximity of one painting to another, but also to the lighting. She used techniques such as crossing beams of light to avoid unwanted shadows and to highlight the art in an even wash of illumination.

After working with Channah, we also welcomed her aid for installing and lighting for a second exhibition, "Unextinguished, The Episodic Landscape," a 2019 group exhibition of six artists' work. Again, Channah was indispensiable to a successful installation. She worked with the lighting we provided to achieve a balanced spectrum of illumination for each piece. She responded directly, meeting the needs of the task at hand with a steady even pace and attention to important details. In addition, Channah suggested the addition of a painting we had not considered for the show. It turned out to be a valuable contribution and solved a problem with a difficult area in the gallery we often grapple with during installations.

Curating and installing an art exhibit requires a certain kind of attention to detail that supports the context of the exhibition, much as interior design supports the context and meaning of the environments created for clients. Channah's skill set, her great knowledge of color and lighting, defines her interior design company's ability to reach a broad range of clients, arranging and installing art collections, including the placement of sculptures and artifacts.

- Cecilia Wittaker-Doe and Don Doe, Owners of SRO GALLERY 1144 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My husband was gruMbling about paying for an interior designer and I agreed with him. Our parents would never have paid for design advise, but I needed help. You were worth every penny!! You listened to our ideas and needs, and then directed us to the right choices. We liked everything you suggested. We will recommend you to our friends and neighbors.

- Judi in Longmont


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