Channah Grace Hinseth

As an interior designer, my early influences were my parents, the Scandinavian-American culture of Minnesota, and the mid-century modern era, all of which I was born into. The homes of my youth were designed and built, or restored by my parents, my siblings and myself. By the climax of the mid-20th century design era, I was a student of interior design at The University of Minnesota. I was captivated by the study of color, and it has become an area of expertise in my work.


I have been living in Boulder, Colorado for more than 30 years and my work has evolved to what it is today through continued learning and partnerships with people in this area of the country and the east coast. In the 80's I was very successful as a consultant and sales person at Homestead House in Boulder. During my four years there, I refined and expanded my skills while building a loyal clientele. Eventually I left and began my career as an interior designer.


Over the past 30 years I have continued to add to my expertise which now includes interior design project management for remodels and renovations. Along with color, I work with lighting design, and the subtle details and finishing touches that make our living spaces beautiful. In 1998 I founded Grace Interior Design, incorporating all of my areas of expertise, and am fortunate to work exclusively with returning clients and referrals.


I am a member of the IDSA, a colaborative association of independent designers, and MA+DS, the Modern Architecture + Design Society. I enjoy visiting design markets in major cities such as New York, L.A., San Francisco and Tel Aviv, where there are opportunities to learn from top designers, industry leaders, and to see the latest designs and products.


in 2008, I began partnering with a team of trade-related professionals to support my clients' design visions and project implementation. Most clients are design savvy and want to be involved in the design process, and I am also partnering with them -- supporting and adding value to their projects in the ways that they want.


For the past several years I have been studying, researching products and sources, and networking in the area of sustainable design. I also became involved with the green-building guild, and the historical preservation society, and further expanded my services to include zero-waste project management and sustainable design. I am passionate about the environment, and excited to have the direct experience of making a real and positive impact in the world, and that environmental issues are transforming the field of interior design.

Professional Affiliations

I.D.S.A., Member since 1994
Historic Boulder, Member since 2008
Boulder Green Building Guild, Affiliated since 2008