Design Services and Areas of Expertise

Each of our client's design vision is unique and we are committed to provide extraordinary design and project implementation services. Whether your project is large or small, to be crated all at once or over time, our services are on an hourly-cost-basis so we may accommodate this. Our work is a collaborative approach with you, and we offer you all of the services listed below.


Design and Planning


    Design and Color Consultation

    Kitchen and Bath Design

    Space Planning

    Custom Stone and Tile Design

    Custom Millwork Design

    Lighting Design, Hardware and Plumbing Selection

    Fabrics and Finishes

    Furniture and Accessories

    Art Installation

    Home Shopping Service (Wholesale and Retail)

    Design Drawings and Written Plans

    Remodel and Renovation Design

    Estimating and Budget Planning

    Architectural Review

    Support for Client-Managed Projects

    Collaboration with Client, Architect, and General Contractor


Purchasing and Project Management




    Design Implementation

    Interior Remodel and Renovation Projects

    Zero-Waste Project Management